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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to watch one today. it is a preseason game. it's nfl football baby. >> dana: nfl begins today. they were supposed to play over the weekend but the field didn't work. >> kim: that was egg on the face of the nfl. it was supposed to be the hall of fame game and it didn't happen because the turf was too hard which i've never heard before. welcome us. kelly curran is hanging out. we just saw the dark skies and we've had a lot of smoky hazy skies. >> kelly: skies will be more clear as the sun comes up this morning. there are still some thunderstorms in the forecast. not necessarily in las vegas, mesquite, parts of lincoln county, you could see wet weather today. we're looking at mostly sunny skies today in las vegas.
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we're expecting for the weekend coming up. >> dana: breaking overnight, one person has died after being hit by a car here in the valley. happened just about five hours ago on the boulder highway in nellis. person crossed the street walking to the east side of the street. the light was green for on coming traffic. investigators confirm that the driver not speeding, was not impaired, specifically they said they hadn't been the driver stayed at the scene, did talk with investigators. >> kim: as many as 25 people, two of them firefighters have been burned. this taking place at an apartment complex in maryland. the first responders called to the scene about 9:00 last night. the fire department reporting that at this hour this morning the fire is under control but still some pockets of smoke that they are seeing from the scene.
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injuries are not life threatening thank goodness. the extent for the other injuries of the people at this apartment complex we don't know this morning. the fire department says not everyone is accounted for yet. the fire involved two, maybe three buildings all in an area that started burning and immediately people started posting some of the video to social media. the department tweeting pictures that showed a collapsed. you are seeing the news footage as we speak. >> dana: for a story you'll only see on channel 3, three local men nicknamed the hole in the wall crew have been indicted in connection with dozens of burglaries. the men broke into several businesses by breaking into a neighboring store and smashing a hole in the bathroom wall to get
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cash and more than 4,000 pain pills at one location alone. one man was arrested for killing a man in may. he posted bail on that charge. he was caught in los angeles and is waiting to be extradited to las vegas. one of the store owners whose business was robbed spoke only to news 3 saying he's glad the men have been caught. >> i'm relieved at this we have additional security system so i'm glad about it. >> dana: the three were indicted. they have a long list of charges. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for next tuesday. the olympic athletes preparing for day six. the pool used for the diving competition is green.
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that's what it's supposed to look like. the organizing committee says this algae is safe for the divers to dive into but i can't imagine they want to do this. british diver tom daily posted a picture showing the diving pool and the swimming pool asking what gives. the head of the rio 2016 organizing committee claimed it happened because of alkalinity levels. it became the subject of plenty of jokes on twitter. no medals on the way for team u.s.a. tonight it is expected as michael phelps and ryan lochte take to the pool again. phelps edged out lochte in the semifinals to qualify for another showdown tonight. this is the semis last night. they both have qualified for the
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another milestone, most decorated oly olympian of a time in individual events. phelps won the 200-meter the last three olympic games. lochte finished second in those races. these are the two best racers on the planet in this event. katie capturing her second gold of the games in the women's 200-meter free s this is a relay so she had three other teammates swimming with her. she got into the pool on the anchor leg of this thing. she was behind by about a second. but ended up winning the race by about two seconds. this girl is like the michael jordan of swimmers. she's unbelievable. >> kim: i heard some of her fellow swimmers on "the today show" talking about how they
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a feeling that's a safe bet. never grow tired of seeing the olympic flame burning live from rio. that's the picture behind me. let's get serious about the medal count. team u.s.a. racking up 32 medals overall, southeast gold, southeast silver, 10 bronze. china is in second place. they have 23 medals overall. japan is in third place at this chloe down in rio, but we also have locals who went down there for the games and we're seeing pictures from news 3 team rio. this is from breanna, she's a volunteer there at a clubhouse for one of the venues and she gets to work in the locker room as well so she's posting pictures. just a reminder when we talk about team rio, they are posting
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from those two on your screen. we have chloe coming up in about 35 minutes from now live from rio. >> dana: one family sharing their olympic pride. they have turned their house into olympic central is what they are calling it and sharing the experience with others. how long their house is going to be all decked out coming up. >> kim: crying in court. a judge does something that brought tears to almost every share with you what she did ahead. >> dana: a live look of the white house and donald trump on the stump yesterday saying that president obama was the founder of isis and that hillary clinton was one of his chief lieutenants
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a month after 9/11, i got a call from david and he told me hehe was going into the national guard. he was sent to iraq to be a gunner on a humvee. a car pulled up in the driveway and three soldiers got out, and the sound of their boots as they came up those stairs will, will stay with me the rest of my life. you have moments when you really don't want to live anymore, it's a fate that i would not wish on anybody, not anybody. ck another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. ...wife, she was standing there, she had nothing to say, she probably... i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emptiness, that only losing a child can bring. those people should be honored and treated with kindness for the rest of their life,
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>> dana: the gold medal for the mess decorated house goes to this house. they decorate for every olympic games. they add more and more decorations every year. he has flags on there to highlight his favorite event. he has a television in his out the games. he has a statute of liberty and flags of several nations draped over his garage. this will be up until the closing ceremony which is a week from sunday. >> kim: the olympics not the only big show getting our attention this week. the meteor shower is going to take place. find out which day is going to
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out the shooting stars. >> dana: for donald trump his signs are more popular than he is. thieves love his campaign signs. jeanie most has the story on this one coming up. >> kim: a live picture from rio. a scare for the top volleyball players bearing team u.s.a. they made it >> dana: americans did lose their first set of the games last night but came back to win. they finished 3-0 in pool play
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>> kim: this is so bad the picture goes dark at one point. the second monsoon storm of the week bringing heavy rain along with strong winds. out of the phoenix area not only have we seen this this week but we've seen severe flooding. phoenix needs a break weather-wise. >> dana: we have another show in the skies. shooting stars. thet and you'll be able to see these over the next couple of nights. this year we're expecting more shooting stars than ever before. 160 to 200 an hour are possible. best time to watch these will be between midnight tonight and dawn tomorrow morning. you are going to have about five hours to see these. get away from the lights of las vegas if you want to see these. if you get out where it's really dark and you don't see the lights of the las vegas strip,
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shot to see these shooting stars. these are not stars at all. most of these are the size of a grain of sand. >> kim: we've had either smoke in the skies or dust in the skies of southern nevada. kelly joins us now with details on what to expect for the rest of the day. >> kelly: we are looking at clear skies outside right now. quieter conditions than we've seen the last couple of mornings in the area with all the smoke and dust this morning more quite. we have thunderstorms in the forecast for at least parts of the area. this is from sky canyon camera yesterday where we started out with dust in the area. you can see the reduced visibility. as we look to the east, look at all the clouds building. you could see some thunderstorms out there in parts of arizona yesterday. in las vegas dry conditions.
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saw yesterday morning. temperatures around the area, right now pretty comfortable. spring valley you are at 81, southeast coming in at 79. highs today expected to be slightly below normal but right back above normal for the weekend. winds nice and light for us. today they are going to stay that way. we did see thunderstorms yesterday in parts of arizona. parts clark county got shower action too. similar conditions today. las vegas expected to stay dry. mostly sunny skies, the high around 100. tonight we are looking at 80. clear skies in the area and our seven-day forecast, 104 friday. but look at sunday and monday. 109. >> kim: check this out.
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climbing up the side of trump tower in new york all because he wants to meet the republican presidential nominee. didn't work out. he's 20 years old and from virginia. that's all we know about this man right now. this was the scene playing out at trump tower yesterday afternoon. he scaled the building for nearly three hours. we have olympics coverage so we don't have that. the police pulled him in on the '1st" floor. we know he was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychological evaluation and is expected to face charges. they have not told us what sort of charges he'll be facing. >> dana: he thought this it was
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maybe should just wait in the waiting room for a while. hillary clinton is expected to give a major economic speech in detroit today. tracy potts reports. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> clinton going after republican votes as she prepares for today's economic speech near detroit. >> i'm determined we're going to build more and we're going to be able to create more businesses and more unimpressive. >> she promised the world and went like this. it went down. our jobs got sucked away from us. >> now emails obtained by a conservative group suggest the clinton foundation asked for favors that her campaign says never happened. >> that's the old pay to play system. the american people are sick and tired of. >> look who is right behind
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shooter. clinton disavows his support as trump ties them to isis. >> he's the founder of isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> polls show trump support is wake, his attacks are >> the police chief is going to address the media today after an officer accidently shot a woman during a training exercise. the 73-year-old woman shot in the head and police say this was a tragic accident. we were talking about it yesterday morning on the program. from what we understand this was just a civilian police drill in which officers make decisions on
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live roll playing. dana and i have done this same thing here in las vegas. only it went deadly wrong. the gun that the officer was using should have been filled with blanks but instead there were real bullets. the woman's son said his mother volure officers. >> we know he didn't intend on this and we forgive him. >> he was talking about the loss of his mother. he says he forgive this is police officer for this horrific mistake because that's what his mom would want. >> dana: that is an amazing story. courtrooms usually filled with stress, anger, sadness, but in
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compassion led to tears. 24-year-old james and ashley were due in jefferson county court on burglary charges. this is the judge. she issued a no contact order between the couple. when she found out that james had not yet met his newborn son who was born while he was in custody, she made an exception. not a dry eye in the courtroom. judge wolf handed out typhoon washi shoes for his new baby for the first time. >> good morning from rio. coming up on today all of the highlights from a busy day five at these olympics and latest round of team u.s.a. medal winners are going to join us
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gold moment for simon or could alli pull off an upset? we'll get you ready for tonight's individual all around and get to the bottom of why are some of the pools turning green? all that and a live concert on the beach from the band perry when we get started a little later. >> kim: we're going have a portion of that performance here before we hand you off to today. >> dana: thieves are stealing his signs all over the country. jeanie most reports. >> you are looking at perhaps the most endangered species of yard signs. >> four signs i had one donald
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business. somebody bates and jumps in a get away car. check out this daney thief. the latest involved a runner. she jogged past a house, waited for a car to leave, came back, picked up the sign and took off. whether the video went public she turned herself in but the sign owner declined to press charges. the neighbor's sign was plucked by a masked woman. >> respect my opinion. >> this artist created a giant t in the middle of the night someone set it on fire. donald himself called to commisrate. what is an artist to do? rebuild. >> this house lost a dozen trump signs in three weeks. we found very few hillary signs reported stolen. either her supporters aren't posting them or they are being left alone.
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richard's sign was spray painted never over trump. he had nine signs ripped out and tossed in the street. >> we are not going to take them down. >> tips for protecting their yard signs, a manslaughters mannarino putsroofing tar on th. another man put >> the owner reinstalled them on 12-foot poles with surveillance cameras and fencing. it may not be easy to steal on election, but an election sign. >> dana: coming up most of us are watching our weight these days but not ryan lochte. you will not believe how many calories he consumes in a day.
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dish, what is that thing on the right side of your screen? >> tesla wants to install four roof, not just panels and
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up. >> dana: many of us trying to
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not this guy. this gaieties 8,000-calories a day. you have to have a lot of energy when you are in the pool as often as he is. he's going to compete tonight against michael phelps. his favorite disturb breaded steak. 8,000-calories a day. most americans get 2500 to 3,000 a day. >> kim: for if you love girl scout cookies we have two new ones to try out. a new take on smores. one chocolate covered and the other not. expected to be available coming up in january of 2017. still to come we're going to let
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dancing robots taking the world
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>> we've had one a day now. >> kim: another person losing their life on a local road while trying to cross the street. we take you to the scene for a
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>> see how olympic swimming is putting las vegas on the map. that is coming up. >> dana: going green. we have green pools here in las vegas. we just don't jump into them. not the case if rio. what is wrong here? we have answers ahead. good morning. it is 5:00 on this thursday, august 11. live pictures from our d camera stratosphere. the good news is we can see the stratosphere. >> kim: that is good news. whether it's been smoke or dust we've had weird looking skies out there. welcome in. we appreciate you spending time with us on this thursday morning. we do traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the program. we begin -- we are going to start with weather but i want to


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